Internet video is a powerful modern medium, and I work in video production in the hope that I am able to use my skills and knowledge to help people promote positive things like education, arts, and the humanities to wide audiences. I believe that education (or lack thereof) is the root of everything good and bad in our society and thus is the key to our continued progress - especially when faced with the crises we face today.

(Of course I don’t work exclusively in those fields, and I get creative satisfaction from every type of project.)

My interest in video production specifically, as opposed to e.g. going into teaching, comes from my life-long obsession with motion pictures. There’s something inherently magical about every type of motion picture, be it industrial video meant solely to document something, or an ephemeral marketing video, or a great work of art created through the collaboration of a genius filmmaker with a big cast and crew. That’s why it’s so powerful as a medium, and today with the internet it’s more accessible than ever before.

I did study film and photography, but I majored in geology at university and in grad school. I found myself particularly attached to an aspect of geology with essentially no job prospects and very little available research money - unless one works in oil/gas or mining, which I was determined from the start not to. The big reason I got interested in geology in the first place was my deep appreciation for the natural world, and oil/gas and mining is incompatible with the preservation of that natural world.

I continue to explore the natural world through photography, which I always liked but got particularly into on the many field trips I went on in my geology courses, which brought me to many unique and wild places and taught me to look at things in new ways.

Studying geology also brought me here to California for grad school, but I am originally from Amherst, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, and went to the University of Rochester for undergrad. People here say I talk a little bit funny, but that’s just part of the fun, and the privilege, of living in such a diverse and dynamic part of the country.

Christopher Hacker
San Jose, California

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(yes, that is my real name.)
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