I’m Chris Hacker, and I provide corporate, non-profit/education, and creative video production in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I am based in San Jose and though most of my clients are in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula, I am happy to travel anywhere in the region. 

Scroll down for more information and rates, but first, here are some recent samples of my work:

Two-camera corporate interview video with custom logo animation

Promo video comprised of on-location interviews and B-roll

More samples can be found at the bottom of this page.

Rates & Info

I offer reasonable, transparent rates. The rate for any project is a $750 base, plus $175/hr of on-location and editing time. Every project is unique - I would be happy to openly discuss with you how much time I think your project will require, and in many cases I can adjust to your budget while keeping expectations realistic. 

I specialize in talking-head interview marketing and similar videos, and instructional course videos (for e.g. Coursera style online courses), but I am equipped to do almost anything you may require.


I should point out that I am not a big production company - the most people I’ll likely have on set is three, including myself, and many smaller projects I do completely by myself - and though I can handle most projects, I will let you know if I’m not the right choice for your really big project.

For most projects, it makes the most sense to shoot at your location rather than in a studio - and we can bring a portable mini-studio to your location if you do want a studio look. It isn’t always necessary depending on your space, but I usually use portable studio lighting for interviews to make your talent look their best. 

I aim to create a modern natural look - clean and crisp, and not overly flashy. I shoot everything in 4K resolution for quality and flexibility, and I use cinema-quality microphones and recording equipment for the best possible sound. For interviews, two or more cameras are usually used for flexibility in editing. Feel free to ask about any specific technical requirements you may have, or any questions about the technical side of things.

Accessibility is very important to me, so I film and record the audio with that in mind as much as is possible, and I provide text captioning as a service. I also offer teleprompting for your shoot if you need it.

I can provide many types of animation and other design work, such as the logo animations in the sample videos. I do GIF animation as well, e.g. for marketing e-mails.

I do produce wedding films, but only with my partner, photographer Micaela Go. I work very closely integrated with her at the wedding to provide a cinematic add-on to her phenomenal still photography work. She also does marketing photography, creative and corporate headshots, product photography, etc. 

Sample Work

Promo video with on-location office interviews using existing light

Promo video comprised of on-location interviews and B-roll